About St. Eustatius


map of St EustatiusSint Eustatius, also known affectionately to the locals as Statia or Stay-sha, is a Caribbean island and a special municipality (officially public body) of the Netherlands.

Statia lies in the northern Leeward Islands portion of the West Indies, southeast of the Virgin Islands and immediately to the northwest of Saint Kitts and Nevis and to the southeast of Saba and St. Maarten.

The island is named after the legendary Christian martyr Saint Eustace.
The regional capital is Oranjestad.


Getting here


StatiaWinair operates 5 daily flights from St. Maarten. Flight time is approximately 20 minutes.This service allows passengers to make connections in St. Maarten with regional and international carriers, including Caribbean Airlines, LIAT, KLM, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Airways and Air France.

Trans Anguilla Airways

This service allows passengers to make connections between the following
destinations: Anguilla – St. Maarten – St. Kitts & St. Eustatius.



Hiking & Diving

statia_coastline.jpgThree National Park areas protect the high biodiversity and unique tropical ecosystems present on both land and sea and the total protected area covers 33km2 – almost twice the size of the island of St. Eustatius.

The Quill /Boven National Park
The Quill soars dramatically to a height of 2000 feets (600 metres).
The Dutch settlers first called it “Kuil” meaning pit or hole but the English settlers renamed it – “Quill.” This park of 5.4km2 consists of two sub-sectors – the dormant volcano ‘The Quill’ and ‘White Wall’, the limestone formation located on the south side of the volcano – and the ‘Boven’ area covering five
hills in the north of St. Eustatius.

St. Eustatius National Marine Park

The St. Eustatius National Marine Park was created in 1996 and extends around the entire island from the high water line to 30m depth contour. The park covers an area of 27.5km2 and protects a variety of habitats, including pristine coral reefs (drop off walls, volcanic ‘fingers’ and ‘bombs’, spur and groove systems), 18th century shipwrecks and modern-day artificial reefs to promote fishing and dive tourism (including a 100m cable-laying ship).

The Miriam Schmidt Botanical Garden

This Garden provides a haven for the protection of the island’s nature fauna and flora whilst, at the same time, creating an opportunity to rest in peaceful surroundings.

The Garden is adjacent to the boundary of the Quill National Park and extends for 5.3ha across the southern slopes of the Quill. Visitors can learn more about the flora of St. Eustatius, take a walk through the forest or picnic and enjoy the views of St. Kitts and beyond.


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